Quality Control
Quality Control

The laboratory for quality control undertakes coordinated activities for control of the incoming substances, in-process control and control of finished products with defined expiry date. It also provides special condition for storage of the products, and specifications which is in line with all international standards.  

Control of inputs

Active substances control, excipients, primary and secondary packaging encompasses activities for control of physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics.

In-process and finished products control

Products have been controlled through all phases of production. Its physical, chemical but also pharmaceutical and technological characteristics of the finished products have to correspond to the specifications.

Products stability has been oversee during the declared expiry date. Analyses have been performed with contemporary validation instruments i.e. liquid chromatography under high pressure and spectrofotometric instruments.  

Microbiological Control

The microbiological laboratory has been built according to most sophisticated GMP standards. In the classified areas, various equipment has been installed: cabinets for bio security, incubators, dry sterilisation process, autoclaves, freezers/coolers, microscopes. Through coordinated and strictly defined procedures, following activities have been performed: Products control, control of the purified water system, monitoring of the room and equipment cleanliness and all other activities in accordance with the GMP standards.

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