PERLUXAN™ - natural pain relief

Food supplement

Hop extract - alpha acids (Humulus lupulus), 30 soft gelatine capsules

One soft gelatine capsule contains 150 mg alpha acids - hop extract


Perluxan™ capsules are rapidly reducing the pain-causing enzymes, without affecting the enzymes which protect the gastro-intestinal tract. The capsules contain additionally ginger and peppermint oils to counteract any possible gastro-intestinal upset.

Why you should use PERLUXAN™

The active component of Perluxan™ soft gelatine capsules - alpha acids, have a fast-acting effect, relieving pain within 2 hours of ingestion.

For quick natural relief of constant or occasional pain in everyday life, promotes joint comfort and mobility, without gastro-intestinal upset. Significantly reduces pain in all five aspects, including: standing, lying down, sitting, walking, and going up and down stairs.


Adults: two times daily 1 softgel capsule during the meal.


*Perluxan™ trade mark used with permission

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