Food supplement during pregnancy and lactation

Necessary combination of folic acid and potassium iodide :

  • 400 μg folic acid
  • 100 μg potassium iodide

Folic acid and iodine are the most important substances which should be supplemented throughout pregnancy and lactation. Requirements for iodine and folic acid during pregnancy and lactation increase twice and usually are not completely satisfied only with food intake.

By using FOLIOD capsules, even before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and breastfeeding provides optimal satisfying of increased requirements for iodine and folic acid and helps normal development of psychological, neurological and cognitive functions of the fetus.

Optimal daily requirements for pregnant women are:

  • 400 μg folic acid
  • 200 μg iodine

Folic acid (folate) contributes and helps in:

  • cell division processes, and particularly in cell differentiation and growth of the embryo and fetus.
  • normal amino acids synthesis
  • normal blood formation
  • normal psychological function and normal immune system functioning
  • normal homocysteine metabolism

The folic acid requirements during the pregnancy increase to 100%. Causes thereof are uterus growth, increased blood volume, placental and fetal growth and development. Supplementing increased requirements is extremely important. Because of the proven link between folate intake and disturbances in the fetal neural tube, to all reproductive capable women is recommended additional intake of 400 μg folate.

Iodine is essential for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, for synthesis of the two thyroid hormones T3 and T4. During pregnancy the activity of the thyroid gland is enlarged two times, which increase the daily iodine requirements. Optimally satisfying iodine requirements during pregnancy allows normal development of cognitive and neurological functions in the fetus.

It is recommended for:

  • women planning pregnancy
  • pregnant women (over the entire pregnancy)
  • breastfeeding


  • One soft gelatin capsule daily, preferably with a main meal

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