MYCOTREAT® 3 vaginal cream 2%

Composition: clotrimazole

Pharmaceutical form: cream for external use

Group: antiinfective and antiseptic

Therapeutic indications:

MYCOTREAT® 3 vaginal cream 2% vaginal cream  is used to treat vaginal thrush (vaginitis) caused by a yeast-like-fungi (most common Candida), Trichomonas and superinfections with bacteria susceptible to clotrimazole. For safer treatment of infections caused by Trichomonas vaginalis, it is necessary to take oral trihomonacid. Such combined treatment is recommended only after a specific diagnosis.

MYCOTREAT® 3 vaginal cream 2% vaginal cream  is also used to treat fungal infections of the vulva (external thrush /candidal vulvitis) and glans and foreskin of the penis (candida balanitis).

Packaging: Al tube х 20 g cream with 3 disposable applicators

Regulatory status: OTC

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